1. Church door near Columbia


  2. Building marked for demolition in BedStuy


  3. I feel sort of bad posting iPhone quality pictures on here but there are so many beautiful things and I don’t always have my big ass camera. This is an abandoned building an some renegade street art in BedStuy.


  4. A rose growing on an abandoned building in the LES


  5. Brooklyn skyline seen from my friends terrace in fort green


  6. the manhattan skyline reflected in the east river


  7. Mural in the LES

    (Source: babygrrrl69)


  8. [none] at the second avenue stop on the F train


  9. Insta

    You should follow my instagram felix_chrome. There are a lot of pictures of my friends just being ignorant but I also post the views from rooftops wherever I go and sometimes cool graffiti.


  10. thebooksofbokonon:

    My blog is back; here is a door in DUMBO

    Posted on my personal blog by accident but yeah

    (Source: babygrrrl69)